Monday, June 29, 2009

Father's Day '09!

Father's Day 2009

We woke up in the AM and gave Daddy his presents. The kids got him some new gym clothes and a shirt and I made him peanut butter fudge. After spending the morning together we went to my Father in law's house for the afternoon. The kids always have a blast there.. They never get bored because they have a trampoline, horses, wild animals in their yard, a tractor and a garden. The possibilities are endless with children that have great imaginations! The only thing to make it better would have been a little less rain and a little more sun. But none the less we were blessed with a wonderful day and I was able to capture some lovely pictures as well. So here they are!! Later in the day we also went up to where my husband grew up for his best friend's daughter's birthday and Nouvelle had her first taste of mussels, and she ADORED them! She ate about 25 of them! I had to cut her off so she didn't get sick!!

Audric on the tractor

Audric and Nouvelle playing on the tractor

Nouvelle walking in the wind.
I love this picture, she looks so sweet!

This adorable little bird was playing with another bird on the fence posts..

Some beautiful purple flowers

And last but not least..

Cuddle time with Mommy when we got home.
Nouvelle is such a cuddle bug!

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