Sunday, October 9, 2011

daddy love

I think we can all agree.. there is nothing like seeing a Daddy snuggling and loving their babies. I love watching my husband with all of our children. He's such a sweet Daddy. Part of the reason I'm so in love with him!

[Daddy and our littlest, Emris, snuggling this afternoon.]

And of course, playing is always fun too..
[I know he likes playing with them..
but I can't help but think he's doing
this to give me a heart attack!]

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

maple + lemons

I know what you're thinking. Maple syrup + lemons. What could you possibly do with that pair? Hollow out the lemon, fill it with maple syrup and have a maple-filled-lemon-fight? Dip the lemon IN maple syrup and show your kids your sticky juggling skills? Good guesses, but no..

Wait for it..

Wait a little longer...

Ok! MAPLE LEMONADE! I know, right? Genius! Not me, of course.. but that guy we bought homemade cheese from at the farmer's market. Yeah, him.. you know that guy, right? Anyway.. I wasn't going to pay $1 a cup for it, so I bought a honkin' bag of lemons to make my own.

So I started out juicing between 10-12 lemons (can't remember now). As long as you end up with 2 cups of lemon juice, you're good to go. I, on the other hand, was not good to go, I didn't have enough lemons to make 2 cups, so I scaled back on the water a bit.

So next, set your lemon juice aside. Now mix 1 cup of maple syrup with 2 cups of hot water. The hot water is to melt the syrup, which makes it easier to mix.
[Please no comments on my cheap, plastic Walmart pitcher. Hehe.
I really need to scour Goodwill to find a lovely glass one!]

Add 6 more cups of water, this time cold. [For a total of 8 cups of water]

Add your lemon juice, mix and voila! Maple Lemonade! (You can thank me later ;])

So you'll want to refrigerate this for about 2 hours (thanks to the hot water). If you want it sooner, you can cut down the water by a cup or two and add the equivalent in ice. I haven't tried the latter, since I have the patience of a saint and can wait the two hours. (Ha, who am I kidding?? If you know me, you'll be laughing at the patience part..)

Well, I better end here. I need to get some motivation to finish putting laundry away and play catch up uploading Emris' weekly pictures to facebook. I take a picture every Monday (he was born on a Monday) to document him growing.. but I haven't uploaded in 3 weeks. I am so naughty!!

So here is a preview of his 11 week picture!