Wednesday, August 31, 2011

blood part 1

So these past 5 days have been a whirlwind of bad, good and absolutely fantastic!!

It begins with Friday.. my little Milo was running after his big brother and tripped into the front of our couch and split his lip open. I officially hate our couch. [Reason being, while Daddy was gone on his 2 weeks for the reserves, Audric tripped into the front of our couch and broke his nose.]

Any way, so Milo tripped into the couch and was just dumping blood out of his lip. Once it stopped bleeding I realized he needed stitches, so I called the hubby and my mom. Hubby rushed home from work and my mom rushed over to sit with the kids while we brought our little guy to the ER. Sure enough, Milo ended up with 3 stitches in his lip. I've never had stitches, and somehow my baby managed to get him before his 2nd birthday!

The amazing thing was, the doctor told us we'd do a topical anaesthetic, then do a shot of anaesthesia into his lip and then basically swaddle him and hold him down to do the stitches. If this didn't work they'd use ketamine to knock him out. For those of you who don't know, ketamine is horse tranquillizer and is also abused by drug addicts. So needless to say, I was praying HARD that it didn't come down to that. So the nurse came and put the topical anaesthetic on and said we'd wait 20 minutes and then do the shot.

20 minutes later, they hadn't come back in the room, so Milo, who missed his nap, fell asleep. 20 MORE minutes later they come in to do the stitches. The dr. was the sweetest woman and suggested we just wrap his arms and see if we could try and do it while he was asleep. He didn't even FLINCH!! I was praising God!! He slept through the entire thing and I was so grateful we didn't have to even give him a shot, much less the ketamine! I was beyond thrilled!

So that was the beginning of my interesting week. We got home, got Milo settled in, and I left to go pick up my niece for a sleepover. I came home, the kids were playing, we were spending time with my sister, brother in law, Patrick and my mom, while my hubby grilled us all dinner. Then my Audric comes running down the hallway, crying, with Nouvelle and my niece, Aubrey, not too far behind telling us Audric hit his mouth and was bleeding. Sure enough, Audric's mouth was DUMPING blood, I'd say 3x as much as Milo's lip earlier in the day. We put pressure on it with a wash cloth and then when the bleeding slowed, opened up his mouth to see what was going on. All I saw was ripped up gums, black and blue, loads of blood and what I thought was his jaw bone on his upper gums.

I was horrified! We packed Audric and the baby up in the car and once again ran to the ER. Twice in one day. I swear the nurses thought we were abusing our kids.

Luckily Audric didn't need any stitches. What had happened was Audric's upper lip frenulum ripped and his gums were ripped up and shoved up off of one of his teeth. It was horrible. We left with some Tylenol with codeine and headed home. My niece's grandpa had come and picked her up and so everyone left and we settled Audric in for the night. Milo and Nouvelle were already in bed and sleeping.

So that's my Friday. And I basically just wrote a book. So I decided that with three boys it is absolutely more than likely that I will have a heart attack before I'm 30. Possibly even before I'm 25. We'll see how that goes.

So Saturday was a quiet, uneventful day. We started out at the local farmers market, picking up some yummy vegetables for the week. We had a impromptu mini "picnic" before we left the market with some delicious local blueberries, pastries and green chili and cheddar cornbread. It was yummy!

We headed home and invited my pregnant sister, Brit and Patrick, her hubby over for an afternoon of yummy food. We ended up eating and going for a walk around our neighborhood. After our walk my sister told me her stomach felt funny and wondered what it was. We hung out a little while longer, got the kids in bed and then my hubby and I just hung out.

Then we went to bed. I woke up at 2am to find my sweet little Nouvelle in bed with me. Normally I bring her down to her bed but I was just too tired to move. I was half awake from Nouvelle being in bed.. and then I heard my phone ring a half an hour later. "Levon.. Levon likes his money.." Which is the ringtone [Elton John's song] for my sister, since she was carrying baby Levon, my first nephew..

"I woke up with a backache.. I'm bleeding a little and I think my water broke.."

I swear this was the most exciting news I'd heard all week!! and I couldn't believe it since Brit was only 38 weeks 3 days pregnant.

[will continue in my next post!]

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  1. Oh lordy. Thank god they have a wonderful mama to comfort them! I'm SO thankful Cody hasn't hurt himself that bad.. yet.

    I had Noah at 38 weeks exactly! I was definitely surprised!